Distribute your blended learning training
through an interactive game board

One user interface and one simple administrative interface for the distribution and management of training events.

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Fun, involving, structuring...

The blended learning board allows you to create your own
training plan:

  • You plan your educational activities;
  • You enter in your interns;
  • They receive an email before each due date;
  • They connect to the cases to gain access to activities;
  • You track the activity of each intern.


Why blended learning?

  • an effective solution
  • personalized intern support
  • different learning styles

Our solution

Opt for our blended learning board, a solution adapted to all!

For the intern: a fun training plan, numerous activities and informative emails.

For the administrator: a simple and intuitive interface.

A tailor made offer

Your own training plan: create your own training plan with your own activities with complete autonomy (eLearning modules, web conferences, Evaluations…)

Unlimited creations: an unlimited number of boards and interns

Graphic customization: Ingenium eLearning customizes your board to suit your needs.