Why blended learning ?

A complete and effective solution, blended learning allows for customized intern support throughout the entire training process.

Blended learning relies on a variety of learning situations punctuating the training and strengthening the motivation of interns: face, forum, web conferencing…

The mix2Learn board

Opt for our blended learning board; a solution adapted to all !

  • For the intern
    Thanks to a training course in the form of a blended learning board, the intern gains an overview of their training and progression throughout the course.

    The board allows the total involvement of the intern through its fun appearance, its diversity of training and sending of mail for each new activity.

  • For the administrator
    The mix2Learn board has a simple and intuitive administration that has both Quick Start and is accessible to all.

    You can easily and freely create as many boards as you would like, integrate diverse activities, and subscribe an unlimited number of interns.






Who are we ?

Specialists in E-learning training, Ingenium eLearning produces and distributes training schemes adapted to your organization
We are experts in multimedia education, Ingenium e-learning imagines flexible training solutions, both evolved and innovative, which are based on information and communication technology.